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“Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Question & Answer Ultimate Guide

Hello there, We are about to the most awaited answer to the question which is being asked in every interview process. 

As you know for 100% sure and guaranteed question asked by interviews and it doesn’t matter about the position or job level or even for the technical jobs.

This is ultimate guide to answer “Tell Me About Yourself” question because there are ultimate points to this question and are very important for you to understand the importance of the question.

A Lot of people fail to give even good answer to this question. That’s the main reason they are not able to crack the rounds or get offers. 

Most of us do answer this question very simply like telling about your educational background, family background, your hobbies, about your college level event participations. But unfortunately my friends that is not ENOUGH.

Yes you heard me, Always remember when you doing interviews, you are showing them why they should hire you in your every points so you have to act, talk and show smartly.

You don’t wanna show or hide too much to your interview.

Answering this question is like sliding your smart points one by one with one or max two believable / real bad points.

You have to take care of lot of things but once you know how to deal with it, with that you can crack whole interview.

So in this article we are going to focus on following points and I am totally sure that you will get your answer at the end. Just don’t skip any points because every point their represent small things which you are gonna need it letter.

  1. Why interviewer Asks “Tell Me About Yourself” Question ?
  2. Why should you give better answer to “tell me about your self” question ?
  3. Things To Remember Before You Give Your Answer ?
  4. How To Start Your Answer ?
  5. What Exactly Your Answer should be containing ?
  6. How To End “Tell Me About Your Self” Question ?

Why interviewer Ask This Question ?

Why interviewer Ask This Question ?

So to know how to answer the question you better know why they asked it in first place, what is there in that question that every one keeps asking it to you.

In Simple words, interviewer wants to know little bit of your self, that every one knows.

But what you don’t know is that they are checking 

  • How you react to it 
  • Are you good Listener 
  • How you start your answer
  • How you represent your self
  • Are you scheduled person or not
  • You are more than just about playing games, listing music
  • Are you scheduled person or not
  • Have you done any voluntary work in your interest in college that is related to job fields
  • Even if you have done work or not, can you explain it clearly 

If You Don’t Know It Well,

You Cant Explain it Well

In Reverse You can Show these point in your Answer like

Your Happy Reactions

Always check interviewer is asking question with your name in it?

For example if your name is Sachi then he might ask you Hello Sachi, Tell me something about your self ?

 So that time you should never ever start your answer with your name  like Yes, My name is ….. and…. Thats where you make a mistake because he / she already knew your name and you again introducing your name to him/ her.

So check that small things because on they check your hearing ability.

Always give information in very simple, understandable words. No long lines.

Don’t use very hard words from dictionary because interviewer might not know the word and he / she will failed to understand you.

Always be comfortable in your chair, don’t sit uncomfortable. If you are uncomfortable it is totally cool to adjust yourself a little bit.

Show him that you are scheduled person with confidence, don’t get confuse about your statements in front of interviewers. 

Don’t evert tell your hobbies as just Watching Netflix, listing songs, reading books ..etc. 

For sure you can mention them in your hobbies but also mention some work related thing to it as your hobby so that will give them little idea that yes your working and focused person.

Plus points are always welcome in this answer but don’t explain it so soon. Just mention about it and leave it. So you will make him/her ask you question on that later.

Hope we are getting somewhere with these points. 

Why Should You Give Better Answer To “tell me about your self” question ?

Yes, I know I have already pointed out points above about these but there are more to this question and which is very very important.

99% of the time your interview start with this question so there is more to it and it is all depend on your answer.

Because further questions in interview comes from this answer.

Example, If you said in answer that you have done something like book reading as hobby then he/she is gonna ask you “what book are you reading currently? ”  Or “ What are books names you read recently?” Something like that.

So never lie when answering in interview, better you can guess it or give your opinion in smart away. 

Even better don’t mention things you haven’t done.

Always give information while keeping in mind that question on that is gonna come so play it in smart ways.

You start from vast topic and narrow it done so he will also get idea about expertise and there he can test you.

So if you are saying you are better at something, you should be better in real like you can argue with that on attest intermediate level. If you think you can’t then don’t mention or better prepare on it.

Interview question cycle goes something like this :

Tell Me About your self -> You give your answer

They asks questions on your answer -> You explain it in detail and show your expertise

They test you on your expertise -> You prove them that you are in real with your skills.

I know interviewers also check your resume and ask question on that also but I was just pointing on this question so explaining cycle related to this question.

Things To Remember Before You Give Your Answer ?

Things To Remember Before You Give Your Answer ?

Now to the next thing is about remembering the things before you start your answer.

Its a small thing but can make a huge difference so pay attention when you are making your resume and answer prepared before interview starts.

Smart people do one thing that normally avoided by other people is of making different resumes for different positions.

So as your resume changes your answer to the ‘Tell me about yourself’ question changes in some points. These points are necessary considering the ‘JOB POSITION’ so do that.

Things To Remember

Don’t forget the targeted position and technology

Yes, You need to always keep in mind about position like if you are applying for HR position then you should keep that in mind when answering. 

Add some points to stand out from crowd like previous work related to HR field.

If you are applying for Software developer then you should add intermediate level project in your resume.

See many people still add project name and details which are very old style like Hotel Management System, Library Management System.. etc. These type of projects are not going to help you stand out from crowd.

As I am from IT background I can tell you like if you are targeting for the backend position then you should alway specific the ‘BACKEND’ role you played in your college project or previous internship.

If you are targeting for front-end position then you should specify and hammer it for two or three times on that point. 

For example – we have successfully completed college project. There were 2/3 people involved in development of the project and I was mainly responsible for FRONT-END development. So I have worked on HTML/CSS, BootStrap, JavaScript. 

And so on you give interviewer an idea about your expertise.

See its always better that interviewer asks question on your expert areas rather than random topic.

You can’t tell interviewer to ask you on specific thing so you can give answer. So you have to lead him to that point where he/she will ask you those questions him/her self.

I hear many interview conversations and many people actually asked interviewers to ask question on specific points so they can give answer.

NO, You should never do such a thing in interview. 

If interviewer asking you question, just let him know that you know little bit of it and you have worked on backend / frontend / database ..etc previously so really liked it.

It will give him idea and you will also not look bad. 🙂

Updated Resume points 

Always Update Resume when applying for different position but also update your answer also related to resume.

You don’t wanna say one thing in answer and another in your resume so check out and be prepare for it.

There are lot of sites with many different template. Choose one with simple format which gives clear information.

If you applying for designing, UI/UX, even HR side then I recommend you to make a VISUAL RESUME. Because you show skills with it, creativity and interested towards work.

Project Details and Your Role in it

As mentioned above, I suggest you again to change your role in project according to targeted position.

That is very important and you just need to mention it in your answer and leave it, I repeated just mention it and leave that point.

Let interviewer ask you question on that rather you give it away just in introduction.

When he asks you then you can explain what you did and what technology you used.

If you are applying for HR, even testing sometimes you should mention Good Hands On experience on MS-Office-Excel. That will give you good attention.

Hobbies Related to Position

If something goes wrong then trust me hobbies can pull you back in. You just need to know how to.

I always consider hobbies as last resort of getting back in game. 

Normally people mention hobbies as reading, listening, singing..etc but I want you to make change to it and add attest one thing related to your work.

That one thing can save you. 

You can add something like ‘solving competitive coding challenges’, if you are targeting developer position.

Or ‘planning events’, ‘carrying out college events’, if it is HR position or management related position.

Or ‘solving puzzles’, if you are applying for Database side jobs..etc.

You get the idea right? So find something related to your work and add it.

And mention hobbies at the end of resume so it comes out late in your interview and gives you plus point.

Don’t just mention those hobbies but create one or two stories on it to tell in case interviewer asks you. 🙂

How To Start Your Answer ?

There are many ways to start your answer that will make you look like 

Most Probably this question is gonna be the starting of your interview so you should start with 


Greeting can be like “First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me opportunity to introduce my self” and you go on from this point.

You should always check time before you enter room to greet them on entrance and make a strong handshake.

If you greet interviewer wrongly then your are definitely giving  wrong impression so try not do that.

Many people get confuse and nervous they end up saying sir to female interviewer and mam to male interviewer.

If you ever get nervous during interview then just ask for water and take a long breath. It will give you enough time to calm yourself. Then just smile and continue with your interview.

One important thing for TOPPER’S. It really doesn’t matter how many marks or grades you got on paper if you can even express, explain or say it in front of interviewers. 

No company is gonna hire you just because of your grade.

Just look excited and start with your answer mate.

“Hello, My name is ——— and I have done my 10th from  — school, 12th from — college and after that { bachelor degree }  from ——— college and just completed my { Master degree } from so so college. I am good with. ——— technology or ——— work. I have done ——— project in college and I was mainly responsible for ——— { specify role }. “

What Exactly Your Answer should be containing ?

Well your answer should be containing basic things we know already like

Your Name, if he doesn’t know then only. If he knows then you don’t have to tell him.

Your Educational Details and while telling your educational details go from bottom to top

For example start with 10th, 12th then bachelor’s degree and then finally masters.

If you are very good at your field subject then specify it slightly. Just tell interviewer that you liked so so subject and good grades in it.

Before you start your strong point slightly mention about your family background and native place.

When you are answering questions sometimes look smart or give answer in smart ways.

Try not to give same answer as everyone. 

For example one time interviewer asked me “Which programming language are you good at? “ So my answered was ”I am good at JAVA but actually programming language does not matter because my logic is good so ! “

Slowly turn towards other activities you didi in past years. Activities should not be like I have participated in dance or some small actives. You should mention something that matters and makes you look like a strong principle person.

Don’t go on hobbies much if you really don’t have a good one.

At the end mention about your college projects you did. Max 1 or 2 college projects are enough. Those project should be of recent years.

What to mention about your project :

Project Name

One Liner Description

Your Role

If you have worked previously like did internship or something then you can mention it after the educational details.

How To End “Tell Me About Your Self” Question ?

After doing all the above. The last thing you need to do is leave interviewer at the point where he will ask you expected question. 

For example, At the end when you’re telling something on your recent project, then what you need to do is that you don’t explain it to him. You just give very little information.

“Always remember you need to stop at the point where his next question should start”

That will make interviewer ask you question on that then you got chance to explain it.

If somehow you messed up and didn’t manage to end it well then last resort is to tell interview something you remember like out of the blue moment. That sounds funny but it works.

For example you can be like ‘i just remembered something about the project or incident or problem you faced while working on project’ and do same thing. 

Hope You  are ready with your answer till now. Feel free to comment any suggestion below.

Thank You and I will see you in next post 🙂

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