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Resume Format, Sample For Fresher

First problem ever fresher faces is about making a resume and so I have shared below exactly resume format and sample for fresher. First thing first you should know that there is no single format for any resume. 

You can make resume however you want but your resume should be effective in interview process. Follow best format that represent all the necessary and effective points on resume.

Make the best of given format and replace the details accordingly. 

Just a tip you should know the difference between CV and Resume before applying it for a job.

Check out: Difference between CV and Resume

Now that you know the difference we can check out the format details below. Feel free to drop your suggestions in comment section

Resume Format For Fresher

Resume Format For Fresher

Fresher level resume contains information like academic details, little personal information, project you did in college years, hobbies, personal inclinations.

Fresher level resume should be of maximum two pages and not more than that

As shown in resume format image. There are only two pages and shows all the necessary information to the interviewer.

There are two places on those places which matters the most

  • First, First page top section where you can highlighting academic grades or your programming skills. Any one of them will do.
  • Second, Second page bottom half area where interviewer is gonna check that your hobbies or personal inclinations matches to your tone or not. 

You can also customise the given resume format as you want like if you are good at some technology then try to mentioned it as earliest as possible so interviewer will get to know what to ask from you. 

College Project section is one the important part of the resume. Check these things when you are writing about college project

  • Project name should be small and meaningful. Don’t write project name like hotel management system or ticker booking system
  • Project description should be two liner and not more than that.
    You just need to state 
  1. what your project was about.
  2. what technology you used.
  3. Your Role in project like responsible for frontend / backend / database designer 

Personal project section states and shows that you are worked on your own. It shows you know self motivation, working mind and much more. It’s a small thing but matter a lot.

If you don’t know what to work on for your personal project then take online help there are lots of small projects you can start with.

Resume format changes accordingly to your skills. Like if you have good grades throughout the academic years then you can highlight those on resume.

Resume sample for fresher

Finally here is resume sample you are looking for. Always remember to update your resume once in while. 

Resume is the piece of paper which tells lot about you before you make it to the interview so make sure got it right. 

As shown in sample you can keep clean and point to point resume. 

You don’t need to add your old project unless and until those contribute high value in your academic years. Just add the recent one or max two and that will do.

Change your resume perspective  accordingly where you are applying or for what position you are applying. Like if you are applying for the particular position then you better hight light things that are related to job position.

If you are targeting big MNC companies for top technologies like AI, Machine learning or Data Science then you better have your personal projects on it.

Hope you have got enough information. Feel free to share any thoughts or other better formats you got in comment section. 🙂

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