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How to answer ‘what is your weakness’

The most awkward question to answer in an interview where you have to tell something you are not good at.

Many people make big mistakes hereby sometimes telling something about themselves that they shouldn’t have or by being super honest.

There is a little trick to be played when you are answering a ‘what is your weakness’ question. Like this and that’s why I am writing this article. 

I have cover point by point about this question so I suggest you go by all point to end and get your answer ready.

It will be very helpful for other readers to know your custom answer so don’t forget to comment it below.

You need to understand why the interviewer asking you about your weakness. Like what he is looking for so you can answer it better and there will be no judgment.

Don’t underestimate the value of this question. Because I have seen many people who pass all technical and aptitude tests and failed in the HR interview.

Assuming that you know these type of questions are asked by HR or in HR interview.

HR is a simples round of all interviews with very little preparation.

Why The Interviewer Asks About Your Weakness 

The hiring manager who asks you this question is only checking how well you are aware of your problems.

Because if you are not aware of your weakness, how will you overcome them?

And that my friend is a problem for them because the hiring managers are quick to judge.

If you can’t see the problem in yourself then how you are gonna go with critical problem-solving at the job.

Small things matter always remembers. Things hiring manager is checking are as follow. Are you even aware of your weaknesses? If you are not then how will you overcome them or even try to overcome them.

How much do you know about yourself?

Are you focused on yourself or not? OR are you with overconfidence like some people go and answer that I don’t have any weakness ..etc. 

How honest you are?

Honesty is the number one key to passing the hiring manager round or HR round as you call it. 

You have to be smartly honest with them like show your weakness with the solution and promise to overcome it.

How well you present your weaknesses and solution to it?

You don’t have to just show you are not totally good at something. You need to show your weakness with improvement promise on it.

How to answer

How to answer ‘What is your weakness ?’ Question

Most of the time this question is gonna be combined with what are your ‘Strength’ question. So do tell your strength first and then weakness letter.

You can portray your weaknesses like they will be your strength soon.

For Eg. If your weakness is English Communication skills then you can say like my weakness is my English communication skills. But currently, I am working on this and I am sure it will become my strength soon. 

Might be they will ask you next question based on this answer which is What efforts you are taking to improve your communication or how you could improve this?

So, in such cases, you should know the exact answer. Like you may tell them by reading English magazines, or by reading a newspaper or by watching English TV series I am improving my communication.

Basically understand that based on your first answer they might ask you some related questions. So, frame your answer accordingly and also concentrate on what are other outcomes of this particular answer.

List of Weakness to say in the interview

List of Weakness to say in the interview

1.Getting impatient after passing deadlines 

When framing the answer you can start with an explanation. Like ‘i get impatient when any project or work goes beyond the deadline.

I like to complete my work before the deadline or attest at the 11th hour but if it goes beyond then I get frustrated.

So to avoid it I am keeping track of my work daily and creating small deadlines. Little proactive in work helps me avoiding it’ 

2. Can’t say ‘NO’ to help

I think that helping other colleagues is good in manners. Like I create a small bond with them. Even I get to work on something new than regular and it excites me.

But in the past sometimes it turns out that I don’t say no and end-up taking more work. And now I can’t manage to finish my own work. So working there also 🙂

3. Too much focus on project details 

Before starting with a new project I like to analyze the small details about the project.

I think if I know every little thing about the project then I can do my work more efficiently. Somehow sometimes I spent too much time on it which is not good. So I keep refocusing my goals in an interval of time during the project.

4. Lacking confidence ( entry-level employees)

Having low confidence or not feeling confident when working, presenting is common among new employees. So mention it and give it a good frame to show you are overcoming. To ensure my work before actually starting it or presenting it to the team. 

5. Don’t like asking for ‘HELP’

I don’t like to disturb my colleagues just because I lack knowledge about something. So I like to work on my own. But It came to me that asking for help is a good and efficient way to finish work. Sometimes rather than spending endless time on it. So I am working on it.

Points to remember

  1. Avoid weakness that would make you unfit for the position
  2. Don’t share a universally disqualifying answer
  3. Never ever say that you don’t have any weakness
  4. Don’t be too honest and make yourself look bad and unfit to role

These points are simple to make sense so keep that in mind. Keep a healthy discussion in the interview.

Don’t go over and over some points. That will look like you don’t have anything else to say.

Be confident when answering the question and frame it before say it.

Remember everyone has a weakness and you are no different. So that’s why you don’t say that you don’t have any weaknesses.

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