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What is Resume, CV, and The Difference between a cv and a resume

Hello Reader, frequently people get confuse  and can’t tell difference between CV and Resume. You should know the real difference between these two. Because you don’t want to make mistake at the time of applying for your dream jobs or even when you are explaining it your friends. 

Both Resume and CV are totally different in nature. Both are for different purpose and tells different story. 

People get confuse because both them almost contains  same. information. But for the person who rescivies it, can matter a lot. Like for the instance if some companies HR is finding experience person for the job and you send mail with subject “Resume” then that HR is gonna ignore you right away because HR knows difference between resume and cv. 

What is Resume ?

Resume states straight forward skill point for particular job. Resumes are simple plain, short like max of two pages and brief summary of skills. 

One person can have different resumes and I really suggest that you should create different resumes for different roles in your job areas.  

We can say that resumes are for fresher as fresher they don’t have experience to mention and they have just started with careers. 

Make sure your resume is up to date and perfect in nature because that’s the first thing HR of the company is gonna see it and will decide whether to contact you or not. 

Resume should contain things like Objectives, Summary, Eduction information, Skills, any work experience, contact information and optional things like hobbies, extra activities, personal inclinations.

And last but not least resume doesn’t have any specific format, its all all up to you to write your own resume or get online help to make it perfect for your self. 

What is CV ?

CV stands for Curriculum Vitae. I bet that you didn’t even imagine like CV will stand something like this. 

CV is long, in-depth explained document, it covers your career experience, awards, achievements with all other information from resume,

By nature CV’s are more than two or three pages in length. We can say that CV is for the experience people. There are some countries where they prefer CV documents rather than Resume. In India we use both Resume and cv in respective of nature of job requirement.

CV vs Resume : The Difference between a cv and a resume

CV vs Resume : The Difference between a cv and a resume

In simple words, CV is for experience people who has many years of experience and achievements and story to tell and Resume is for freshers or with minimal experience.

As mentioned earlier CV is long in nature can stretch up to 10+ pages where resume can be of max 2 pages and can’t be more than that.

In CV, career experience is shared with all minor and major details where as in resume you are targeting for specific position for goal. 

CV contains information like in-depth experience details, educational achievements, Books, Awards, Skills, Languages, Conferences, References and much more.

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