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What is a cover letter, format, examples

As important as your resume, your cover letter has also importance. Mostly big companies hiring manager needs this letter to understand your profile in short. 

In Simple words, Cover letter is shorter version of the resume. 

Most of us thinks that your cover letter is fetch by recruiter than your resume. No, it’s not like that.

Even it looks so sure that recruiter will see your cover letter first but that does not happen.

Resume is important as always when your are applying for the job and cover letter kind of push you in front of hiring manager.

Now you know what actually cover letter does. Many people get confuse between Resume and CV also and I bet you don’t know the long form of CV so

Check out : CV vs Resume

In above post I have explained the actual difference between CV and resume.

After this you can make your own cover letter and attach it when applying online.  You gonna need cover letter when you gonna apply for big companies. 

Even if you are a fresher, you should have your cover letter ready. 

What is a Cover Letter ?

Cover letter is nothing but a simple single page document where you state some points about you.

Normally cover letter should not be more than three paragraphs. Cover letter gives hiring manager quick overview of your personalities. 

It is for hiring manager or sometimes for recruiters. It is not compulsory or mandatory document when you are applying for job. But Resume is compulsory and important document. 

Cover letter should be different for different job opportunities. Like in cover letter there is should be one paragraph about the company you are applying and stating why you are a good fit to it. So

It changes for different companies and job positions.

IMPORTANT : You should have attest 3 or 4 different types of resume ready and cover letter along side with it. 

Cover Letter Format

Cover letter has very simple format like another letter. You mention your details in paragraph format.

Points to state on cover letter are as follow:

  • Mention your contact details same as on your resume
  • If you are fresher then mention the academic project, skills, awards ..etc and if you are profession then you need to mention you past experience skills, years, technologies.
  • Also make one paragraph about the company profile and job position like why it is perfect fit for you.
  • At the end, appreciation paragraph where you appreciate recruiter or hiring manager.

Cover letter should as simple as possible. No fancy fonts, colours, headings or anything. 

 Cover Letter Format 2019

I have already said that there is no one format for a resume or cover letter. So feel free to customise it however you want.

Below is a cover letter format for experience and for fresher also. You can find different fancy formats online but I recommend you to keep it simple unless and until you are designer or your profile is related to designing.

If your profile is related to designing or related to it, even I have seen some HR resume which contains graphical format. 

Graphical format cover letter or resume is not for IT, engineering people.

Cover Letter Examples

You will have better understanding after looking at cover letter example. 

For once you need to write the first paragraph and last paragraph. You don’t need to change them when sending your cover letter for different positions. 

But however you are going to change the middle paragraph where you are talking about company, position and how perfect it for you with your skills.

Some example contains many small paragraphs so just change it wherever necessary and keep it real. 

JobScan website provides variety of cover letters and you can get them on your mail. 

Get :  20 Cover Letter Examples 2019 Approved by JobScan

Never lie on Resume or Cover letter. Cover letter is all about highlighting the plus points about you. 

You can use conversational tone in your cover letter like you can start with saying “Hi ..recruiters name.. “.

Cover Letter Examples

You need to explain what type of job you are looking for before your appreciation paragraph.

Thats all for this post, Hope you got everything you were looking for. Feel free to share your suggestion.

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